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Mountain Energy : A Case Study.

We were contacted by Mountain Energy on the back of a blog article explaining the changes to current ISDN phone systems and the benefits of having a VoIP system.

As a startup in the energy consulting space, managing director, Brian Walton was looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for both his communications and broadband.


As a business that largely relies on its phone system, Mountain Energy were looking for something that would allow them to make and receive calls reliably, as any time spent without service would be costly to the recently launched business.

Our Solution

We quickly put together a transparent proposal for Mountain Energy, detailing all cost involved in the VoIP service along with a robust fibre broadband connection to support the phone system.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

How have you found the service so far?

“The Service so far has been great. We haven’t had a single issue to deal with. The phone quality is great and the broadband is so much faster than we thought we could possibly get, especially for the cost.”

How did you find switching to Call27?

“Switching was so straightforward. Not only did Call27 take care of the entire process for us, they also ensured we had the correct VoIP phones and the best broadband router for our service. They have been on hand to assist with any queries we’ve had such as voicemail setup etc. and their knowledge has ensured we have had our questions answered very quickly. All the guys at Call27 that we’ve spoken with from directors to sales have been brilliant.”

“We have big plans coming up in the next few months, from a new site to an increased staff volume. We know and are confident that we will receive a fantastic service from the guys at Call27, and as such we have no problems at all promoting their services to any of our contacts that are also looking for a similar service.”

With Mountain Energy’s plan for the future, their new VoIP system and fibre broadband will grow seamlessly with them and we’re glad they’ve chosen us to support their growth.

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