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What the new ASA changes mean for broadband pricing.

On October 31st, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) introduced new measures to make broadband and its pricing much more transparent in advertising.
For many years, broadband advertising has been a great source of confusion for many customers both residential and business alike.

Our MD Phil Surtees outlines the key changes and what it means for broadband providers in the UK.

“The new changes have been a long time coming, but we’re delighted that all of the major players have been forced to be clearer in their advertising.
Changes introduced by the ASA now mean that advertisers and marketers must:

– Show an all-inclusive price, no more showing a cost for broadband and a separate cost for line rental.
– Make the contract length clearer
– If there has been a discount applied, making clear the post-discount price.
– Clearly stating any up front costs such as delivery, activation or installation fees.

From our launch, we have always provided our customers with one price that combines all of the associated costs including line rental.”

The changes were introduced on the back of research carried out earlier in the year which found that just 23% of those asked could correctly identify the total monthly cost for the broadband from various ads. Even after a second viewing of the ad, 22% of people asked were still unable to identify the correct monthly cost.

As a business, Call27 believes in transparency from the start which is why all of our pricing has and always will be a total cost for everything so you know the exact price each month.

As a result of these changes, it will appear that most of the major providers have increased their prices, when in true fact they have only bundled all the costs into one price.

“It’s great to know that we were leading the way with transparent pricing from the start, now that all of the major players have caught up, it will prove that we provide a super fast service at fair prices.