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3 Ways To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection.

We’ve all lost our cool with periods of slow internet connection at some point in our lives, but we’re here to tell you that there are steps you can take to help speed up your broadband connection without too much technical knowledge.

Before you carry out any of the following steps, it makes a lot of sense to carry out a speed test to see what you are receiving for both your upload speed and your download speed. This can be done for free at

1. Unplug Unnecessary Devices.

Over time, we all plug devices into telephone sockets that we no longer use, this could play a part in slowing down your connection, having a list of your current ‘in use’ devices will help identify what is being used and what isn’t. If it’s not being used, remove it.

2. Secure Your Wifi.

By ensuring that your Wifi has a password will mean that only the people you give the password to are using it. If left open, you could have people using your wifi without you knowing, thus slowing down your connection.

3. Change The Channel.

If other wireless networks are in range, of yours, you may want to change your wireless router to use a different channel. This will avoid any interference between networks.

With a bit of luck, the above steps will make a difference to your speeds, repeating a speed check once you have completed the above should result in improvements to your overall upload and download speeds.

If you’re still not receiving the speeds that you were promised, there could be a technical fault somewhere between the exchange and your property.

Alternatively, you may be on the wrong network for your needs. Our team of broadband specialists are always on hand to offer advice and talk through our broadband services, you can call us on 0191 580 2727 or use our contact form here.